Syracuse, NY: Man gets punched in the head and robbed of his winnings at a dice game. (source)

Edmonton, CA: A man who held people hostage at the Worker’s Compensation Board has a history of drugs and violence, including throwing a deck of cards and pieces of a board game at his ex-common law wife. (source)

Cleveland, OH: $11,000 stolen at gunpoint from a local poker game. $75,000 was stolen at gunpoint from another poker game in Cleveland last April. One guy was at both of these games. (source)

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: A woman returning from a card game is stabbed to death by her boyfriend. (source)

Denver, CO: Poker game with high interest loans responsible for at least two suicides. (source) Source lists a few other poker crime stories, including a prevented robbery in Cornelius, NC.

Spring Independent School District, TX: $400,000 earmarked to teach Chess was spent on Chess cruises, with some, but little, Chess playing. (source)