51GAq0O0SHL._SS500_Wizards is making a triple release on Tuesday with Primal Power, Dungeon Tiles: Sinister Woods and E3 Prince of Undeath. While the dungeon tiles sounds like a woodland theme, it actually contains some indoor tiles that will add to your dungeon collection.

Primal Power provides new options for the primal classes in the Player’s Handbook 2 with the usual range of new class features, paragon paths, epic destinies, powers, feats, rituals and backgrounds. The book also contains some fluff about spirits in 4E which explains the primal power source (source). I’m excited to see the Swarm Druid which makes your beast form take less damage and disperse into area of effect attacks.

E3 Prince of Undeath is the epic conclusion to the first series of published adventures by Wizards. The final epic tier module will take 27th level characters to 30th, as they confront Orcus for the fate of death and souls of the world.