xtreme_takeoverXtreme Takeover by Curtis Paul, from his company Curtlin Toys and Games, is an abstract game. The copy calls it a combination of Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Stratego, Risk, War, “and a few others”, but really it’s basically football. Your job is to reach your opponent’s end zone, and if you contact an opponent on the way, you roll to see who is eliminated. You also roll to see how far your piece(s) move each turn.

Paul’s site indicates several other games under development, as well as two games – Pachinko Soccer and Pachinko Hockey – which are not marked as such, implying that their development is complete. I can’t find any information about them anywhere on the net, and Paul hasn’t yet answered my email. [1]

Source also contains pimping about the game industry by Dominic of Northstar Games.

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[1] Update – Paul tells me that Pachinko Soccer and Pachinko Hockey are done, but he is working on the trademark and also trying to integrate both games into one to make it more appealing. He hopes to have something more by year’s end.

As to my “football” comparison for XT, he says: “In some respects yes and your very observant to note that. I agree with you and I also think it goes further than that and has more depth especially after you have played it as many times as I have.”