2d6Having recently covered the launch of Board to Death TV, it’s interesting to see another video review site pop up.  2D6 has been setup by a bunch of graduate students who will be putting up high quality board game reviews and industry interviews.  Reviews will be broken up into the following format:

Craftsmanship – The quality and sturdiness of the components.
Presentation – The quality of the theme / story (if applicable) and whether the components fit the overall objective.
Accessibility – Ease to learn / set up. Whether the theme or game type could be an audience deterrent.
Gameplay – Player interaction / strategy involved. Most importantly, whether or not the game is fun.
Replayability – The replay value. How much table time the game could see.
*Final Verdict: Whether or not the game is worth buying.

They hope to serve “cream-of-the-crop” content by having a very well-rounded group of content producers.