bloxBlox is a clean abstract game of demolishing and re-building towers on a grid. It’s designed by Hans Raggan, Jürgen P. Grunau, and Wolfgang Kramer, and published by Ravensburger.

The towers are made from blocks of four different colors. Using a hand full of cards, each in one of four colors. Each turn, you:

  • Play a card and move your piece.
  • Play one card of each color in a tower to remove it from the board and gain points equal to the number of blocks removed.
  • Play one card of each color to rebuild a tower from blocks you’ve removed to rebuild an incrementally higher tower, gaining you points for the size of the tower.
  • Toss cards and gain a new hand, re-activating your personal “wild” card that can be used for any color.

There are restrictions for moving, demolishing and playing that change over the course of the game. I played it at BGG.con, and recommend it for the same audience that likes Blokus, though it’s slightly more complex.