Pied Piper Publishing

Pied Piper Publishing and early legend of Dungeons & Dragons, Rob Kuntz, have released Dungeon Set #1 and Dungeon Set #2, which are:

Un-keyed, color maps with integration notes and a comprehensive legend that are presented as a contiguous, and exacting, dungeon setting.

The goal is for the company to lead the market…

In presenting challenging maps for expansion along different creative lines by individual DMs; and in offering supportive materials for these, such as booklets containing new and innovative monsters, NPCs, spells, magic items, magical areas and set pieces which can be incorporated into the map designs as each DM sees fit, thus expanding the range for them to continue “branding” their own campaigns as creatively unique.

I take it that means what we’ve got is a skeleton of a dungeon specifically designed to accommodate customization by individual Dungeon Masters.