There’s a brouhaha going on between Jakks Pacific, the WWE, and THQ regarding WWE-branded games. THQ intends to renew their licensing agreement with WWE, but it’s not clear if Jakks will do so, or if THQ wants to do so jointly with Jakks. (source, source) This can’t be good news for Jakks. Update: It seems that, as was already announced Feb 2008, TNA is going forward with Jakks, while WWE is going forward with Mattel, effective January, 2010. So I don’t really know what the surprise here, is.

Mattel is now also selling directly to consumers on a new website and Facebook presence. Expect Hasbro to join Facebook in 10, 9, 8, …

The Independent has a long and detailed article about the recent Essen Spiel. (source)

America’s biggest toy and game fair, Chi-Tag, is coming up soon (Nov 21-22).