Movie roundup:

  • Numerous sources link to this unconfirmed rumor on Latino Review that the upcoming Battleship movie will contain aliens. (source) Source specifies no source, so they might have just made it up.
  • The Los Angeles Time contains a thorough look at the plot of the upcoming Monopoly movie. (source) Summary: Think Alice and Wonderland. Boy plays a lot of Monopoly, and then wakes up in Monopoly world.

The Columbus GA Ledger-Enquirer pimps the Million Minute Family Challenge to play board games with family. (source)

The BBC continues with uninteresting coverage of the Lewis Chessman set. (source)

The Texas Murphy Monitor pimps Arimaa and its inventor Omar Syed. (source)

The Honolulu Advertiser pimps Hanafuda, and the retired teacher who is trying to revive interest in it. (source) Says she, “I want to use hanafuda as a tool, a force for good.”

The Seattle PI (formerly Post-Intelligencer) pimps Bookchase in an advertisement-as-article. (source) Bookchase bills itself as the world’s first board game about books. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Double ha (from 1890).