Time to clear out the post queue …

San Fransisco Chronicle pimps the Just Awesome board game store (these guys seem to press about an article a month). (source)

4TNZ pimps the designer of the Twilight New Moon Board Game. (source)

Chicago Tribune pimps Darryl Hannah, Liebrary, and a brief mention of CHITAG. (source)

WGN TV pimps Tim Walsh, toy suggestions, Jishaku, Blurt, and CHITAG. (source)

Auburn Pub pimps Analog Hobbies toy and game store. (source)

RC2 pimps itself by renaming itself “Learning Curve”. The re-branding will take place over the next few months. (source)

The Village’s Sun (FL) pimps Euchre, (source) while The Buffalo News pimps Bridge. (source)

The Friday Morning Show on 91.7 KAXE pimps board games. (source)