gamesworkshoplogo.jpgUnfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve felt it necessary to call attention to the way Games Workshop makes life tough for its biggest fans. In the latest incident, the company apparently sent one of its famous cease-and-desist letters to Board Game Geek, leading to the removal of a wide range of player-created material for GW games. Not surprisingly—to us at least—the move has created an uproar among the site’s membership, with many vowing never again to purchase Games Workshop products. Now, it’s not really within our expertise to judge the legal basis for each item removed, but from a PR perspective, the company is only working against its greater interest. The dedicated fans who produce these materials not only represent a major market for the company’s products, they are also responsible for significant word-of-mouth marketing (an extremely important factor for hobby games).

So let me ask you, Games Workshop, what’s the message you’re trying to send?