nestor_gamesNestor Games has several new “scrunchable” games for sale:

  • The aztec market is a game by Victor Melo for the whole family, in which each player controls four buyers who have traveled to the market of Tlatelolco in order to buy commodities from the local vendors, trying to match the capricious tastes of the king.
  • Rebel Moon Defense is a board game for 2 players by Cameron Browne and Stephen Tavener. The Imperials have discovered the last Rebel outpost on a moon colony surrounded by an asteroid belt, and launched a devastating Chaos Bomb to destroy it. Will the Chaos Bomb reach the moon and annihilate the Rebels? Or can they destroy it and evacuate their base?
  • Battle for Olympus is a strategy board game for 2 players by Reiner Knizia (surely he must hold the record for a designer published by the most publishers). Battle for Olympus is a two-player game where the heroes and creatures from Greek mythology battle for control of the gameboard.
  • Cross is a two-player abstract board game designed by Cameron Browne in 2008. A player wins by connecting three non-adjacent board sides with a chain of their pieces. But a player loses by connecting two opposite board sides with a chain of their pieces (without also connecting three non-adjacent sides).
  • Querni is a board game for 2 players by Enrique Fernández Alcázar. The goal of Querni is to remove all of your pieces from the board, by forming chains of consecutive numbers of your color.
  • Mutton is a game of deduction and farmyard intrigue for two players. All is not well in the farmyard. The cock crows, the farmer wakes and sees another sheep eaten in the night. Grabbing his trusty gun he takes careful aim… but at which blood-spattered suspect? Can he shoot the wolves in sheep’s clothing before they eat all his sheep?
  • Tritt is a two-player abstract board game, designed by Néstor Romeral Andrés in 2009. Tritt uses a special piece called Tritton, consisting in 3 aligned dots colored blue-orange-blue or orange-blue-orange. The goal of Tritt is to place three dots of your color in a row without making three dots of the opponent’s color in a row at the same time.