Language learning board game – Some kind of language game with pictures and words in Chinese.

Board game to help develop word recognition and spelling skills – “It is a desideratum of the present invention to avoid the animadversions of the prior art and conventional board games, …” Whatever that means.

A board game called Spell It.


Card game – A card game with six suits, each numbered 1 to 12, six Bonus cards, and six Bust cards. Each player has 4 face down cards in front of them. Pick a card, play a card face up, declare it to be higher or lower than one of your face down cards, and win points if you are correct. Bust cards cancel points won by other players.

Board game – Hasbro owns Mousetrap (from Ideal), and Tomy owns Rumble in the Jungle. So now Mattel gets to make a nearly identical game, but this one is themed around the movie Ratatouille. It’s called Remy’s Kitchen Quake Game.


Method for playing draw poker – By Gametech. From the abstract:

Bets are placed on each hand, and the player selects some cards in each hand to be held, or to be rejected and replaced. Cards that are either held or rejected by a player in one hand of cards are moved forward to be played in a subsequent one of the five hands of cards to attempt to develop a better hand. The moved cards are replaced in the hand from which they are originally dealt.

Board game using the alphabet and colors – Another board game for learning colors and letters.


This game has some kind of unusual last chance mechanic.

The APPARENT WINNER is the first player to position their color cards at all six (6) of that player’s Home Base letters. The game stops unless an APPARENT LOSER requests a “LAST CHANCE”. When a LAST CHANCE is requested, the APPARENT LOSER begins a continued play hoping to become a DECIMATOR before being decimated by the APPARENT WINNER. Continued play always begins with the APPARENT LOSER.

During LAST CHANCE, the rules are the same as before last chance was requested with the added DECIMATOR status for any player with all six (6) HOME BASE letters color carded. Thus, the APPARENT LOSER beginning their last chance hopes to get all six (6) Home Base letters color carded and now as a DECIMATOR continuing on to remove color cards from the APPARENT WINNER. 1) Any player in DECIMATOR mode spinning his/her Home Base or a WILD color can demand the opponent remove two (2) of their Home Base color cards. The Decimator will then take another turn; and 2) A player spinning an opponent’s color will stop. The turn ends the same as before LAST CHANCE.

Players who are decimated, which is defined as any player who does not have any color cards to remove must finally remove their own pawn, (pawn value=one (1) color card). The game ends with one (1) REAL WINNER and one (1) totally bankrupted REAL LOSER defined as a player having no Home Base color cards and no pawn.

Marriage and divorce game – A roll, move, pick-a-card board game about marriage and divorce. From the background:

Marriage is a splendid institution and couples enjoy many exciting and cheerful moments leading to marriage. Events and occurrences that lead to divorce, on the other hand, often result in other types of experiences, often not as enjoyable as those leading to marriage. However, in some cases, even events leading to divorce are pleasant and enjoyable when the parties divorcing are in agreement and looking forward to what life has to offer after divorce.