Release on August/September 2010

Releases on August/September 2010

Jason Bulhman, lead designer of the Pathfinder RPG, has announced the opening of a new playtest for the upcoming Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide. Starting on November 13th, they will release a free PDF containing 2 new classes every 2 weeks. There are altogether 6 new classes and playtesters are encouraged to try them on their home game or in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

The schedule for the release of the PDFs and classes will be as follows;

  • Oracle and Cavalier (11/13 – 11/29)
  • Summoner and Witch (11/30 – 12/13)
  • Alchemist and Inquisitor (12/14 – 12/27)

Paizo will be opening specific threads on their forum to receive feedback on the classes for the duration of the playtest which will last until January 2010. The final product is currently slated for release on August/September 2010.