take_me_to_the_cleanersTake Me to the Cleaner$ is a board game from Frank Janicek, intended to be played by one or more couples. The object of the game is to finish with the most assets while divorcing.

The result of playing the game is likely to end with one player finishing with the most assets while the couple is divorcing.

Regardless of the number of couples playing, the game is always played as you against your spouse.

The underlying theme of the game is about “acceptance” and “compromise” but on the surface, its about getting back at your spouse/partner in a fun, light-hearted way for driving you crazy for all the time you’ve been together. Tired of putting up with your spouse’s/partner’s irritating traits or habits? Do you wish you could get back at them in a fun, light-hearted way? Well, here’s your chance!

For example, on a turn, you might have to describe how good your relationship used to be while you were dating and how it is worse now. Or you may have to list three things about your spouse that really get on your nerves. Do this over and over for a whole game. What a barrel of laughs!

The coup de grace is that each player creates a list of three real-world activities that his or her spouse must comply with after the game if he or she wins.

They’re taking this to Dragon’s Den this season. Good luck with that.