Salisbury, MD: One man stabs another several times in an argument over money in a card game. (source)

Jackson, MS: Curtis Lyons, designer of a game mocking the federal government’s response during Hurricane Katrina, has been charged with stealing over 100 money orders from the Winn-Dixie Western Union during the storm. (source)

Charlotte, NC: City councilman shot at at a card game, after he identifies himself as a probation officer. (source)

Columbus, GA: Five men arrested for illegal card gaming and taking money from people using a shell game. (source)

Not criminal: Greene County, IN: The Middle School Scrabble club is doing so well in their fundraising activities that the school board tries to tax their profits to prop up other activities. Squabble ensues. (source)

Las Vegas, NV: Lawsuit filed over the use and sale of a variant of Baccarat. (source)

Tampa, FL:  Man shot and killed at an outdoor card game. (source)

Pattaya, Thailand: Yet six more people arrested for gambling with dice. (source)