Not exactly criminal, but getting there: In Iceland, a fight is gearing up over Bobby Fischer’s estate. (source)

New Delhi, India: An argument over 5 Rupee (around $0.10) in a card game leads to murder. (source)

Milwaukee, WI: Man is shot in the leg after he tries to sell marijuana to some people playing a dice game. (source)

Sumter, SC: Argument over Dominoes game in a prison leads to brutal assault, leaving the victim in a coma. (source)

Sydney, Australia: 55 kg of heroine discovered at airport, hidden inside Dominoes and Mahjong tiles. (source)

Lauderdale County, MS: Man accidentally shoots himself to death at a card game. Suspicions are that he mistakenly thought it was unloaded. (source)

Atlanta, GA: Two dozen people arrested for illegal card and dice gambling. (source)

Kidderminster, UK: Poker player Marcus Bebb-Jones arrested on an October US warrant for murdering his wife, spending her money, and then trying to kill himself. (source) In case you’re wondering, he stuck a gun into his mouth and shot himself, but missed.

Nicosia, Cyprus: 42 elderly women arrested for gambling over Poker and Gin Rummy. (source)

Hixton, WI: A Honaker man sure seems to get into a lot of fights, including one in prison over a card game. (source)

Pattay, Thailand: Yet another gambling arrest in Pattay, this time some bar girls playing Dominoes. (source)

London, UK: Body of missing 30 year-old poker player found in London canal. (source)

Kingston, Jamaica: Kingston police are trying to use Dominoes to lower crime levels! (source)