Dear Star Telegram ….

An Italian TV news segment pimps tons of Eurogames. (source)

The Evanston Review pimps Dan Levy and Ruckus, but at least provides something more in-depth than the usual Ruckus pimping. (source)

Malaysia’s Sun 2 Surf pimps Monopoly City. (source)

The NY Daily News pimps Amazon’s top selling games, including Scrabble Slam, Qwirkle, and Bananagrams, as well as Monopoly City, Connect 4 x 4, and Mindflex (now over $200 on Amazon). (source)

The Wall Street Journal pimps Mindflex, Clue Secrets and Spies, Star Wars Force Trainer (now only $65 on Amazon), and Monopoly City. (source)

Rockford’s channel 13 pimps Patch Products, including Farkle, Buzzword, and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (IP recently acquired from Hasbro) (source)

The Denver Post pimps the educational, emotional, and social benefits of Chess for disadvantaged youth. (source)