The Dragon’s Den once again disses a board game proposal, this one from two kids. Unlike the previous times, one of the dragons gave them $500 to get started, at least (rather than the $10,000 they were asking for). (source)

There’s a guy in Washington state who has retired and now makes money as a board game opponent. (source) My dream job.

The BBC is running a three part series on board games, ancient and modern, which I can’t tell you anything about since it is only accessible to UK citizens. (source)

The Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star pimps board game variants. (source) In another article, it goes on to pimp Monopoly City Edition, Pictureka Flipper, Connect 4×4, Clue Secrets and Spies, Yahtzee Charlie Brown Christmas Edition, Charge Large, The Game of Things, Make Your Own Opoly, FITS, Word on the Street, Jishaku, Bananagrams, Appletters, Pairs in Pears, Play it Safe, Ninja Versus Ninja, Backseat Drawing Jr., and 7 Ate 9. (source)

Congratulations to John and Amy. John’s marriage proposal included making a custom card for The Settlers of Catan Card Game, which he arranged for Amy to pick. (source)