The Richmond Times-Daily pimps board games, as well as very wise news editor from a certain news site. (source)

The Everett Washington Daily Herald pimps Brian Maggio, former sales executive at Cranium and Front Porch Classics, and his company Revenue Sales, which he runs together with Tom Rushton, also a former sales executive from Sababa / Front Porch Classics.

Brian offers his perspective on the game industry: “In general, we’ve become much more license-driven. It seems that every new film or cartoon character gets plastered on the next batch of toys and games. On one hand, licensing has become a bit of an easy out for larger manufacturers who don’t want to invest in innovative design or game play. At the same time, my smaller clients are using licenses very selectively to get great products into new markets quickly.” (source)

Piers Morgan, from America’s Got Talent, et al, played Twister and pimped board games as an alternative to video games and television in Covent Gardens yesterday. (source)

The white house staff donated 500 board games and LEGO sets to the Marine Corp Reserve Toys for Tots in Quantico. (source)

Dale Martin in the Flint Journal pimps Smallworld, Le Havre, Dominion and Dominion Intrigue, Roll Through the Ages, BGG, and Fair Play Games. (source)

The Truro Daily News pimps old and new fashioned games and new fashioned toys and gifts. (source)

The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel pimps Peggy Brown, designer of the jewelry for Pretty Pretty Princess, as well as Buzzword. Peggy says that, in America, “‘People want to be able to pick up a box and learn how to play it,’ … but in Germany, people will spend 45 minutes reading an instruction pamphlet.”

In the article, Gordon Lugauer of The Board Game Barrister offers his perspective on the game industry: “There’s not as much newness out there as there was in the past year.” (source)

News 12 Long Island pimps Charge Large. (source)

Minnesota’s Mankato Free Press pimps a vintage board game exhibit at the The Blue Earth County Historical Society museum. (source)

The Livingston Daily pimps an 8 year old Pokemon player, and the educational benefits of the game. (source)

The Columbus Dispatch pimps Mindflex. (source)