Table card game – Player bets on to how much the cards being dealt to him will add up.

Systems and methods for playing a card match game – Some kind of pattern-matching Bingo-like game, where the cards have a few symbols and your player board has a grid of symbols.

Strategic pattern building board game with ejecting feature – A design patent for Connect 4×4’s frame.

Poker game with blind bet and player selectable play wager – Poker against the dealer with a “blind wager”, which compares both the player’s and dealer’s hands to a third pre-determined value.

Fencing card game – As it says.

Biased card deal – A method of dealing each player a hand that is of similar strength as every other player, I assume for a video poker system of some sort. This is supposed to make the game more exciting and less random. It seems to me that the game will be less exciting and more random.

Method of conducting wagering dice games – Some kind of poker dice game, where four of the five dice are first roller, and after more betting the last die is rolled.

System and method for facilitating casino team play – A method of tracking members of a group playing in casinos, specifically for slot machines. The method is intended to encourage groups with enhanced rewards for group activity.

The patent is by Walker Digital, who are trying to rethink casinos and the social experience. Might be an interesting company to watch.

Blackjack tournaments with rules encouraging card counting and broadcasts thereof – Card counting on a single or double deck of cards famously changes the odds in favor of the player, instead of the house. Rather than fight this (multiple decks of cards, frequent reshuffling, etc.), the idea here is to encourage card counting as a sport, and make up the difference from entry fees, sponsorship, and so on.

Inclined surface feature for game assembly – Near as I can tell, Hasbro has just patented the idea of a game board that is tilted toward the player, thus making it easier to play upon. The illustrative example is a version of Battleship.

Suits and ladders game – A betting game. Flip a card and see if you won. If you won, you can push your luck by betting higher up the ladder.

Roulette game apparatus with side bet game – An additional ten bets for roulette: betting on whether a particular digit (either in the tens or ones place) will win.