dittoDitto by sggc Reckless Ventures is essentially multi-player War, with a few UNO-like cards thrown in for good measure.

Cards go from 1 to 5, 5 is high, but a 1 beats a 5. Everyone flips a card, the losers set aside their card, and winner places his or her card on the bottom of his or her deck. For ties, the winners ante a number of cards and then flip again, with the losers setting all the anted cards aside. Additional cards make low cards win, tie the highest card, or bomb the lot.

Note that a losing hand quickly loses all of its losing cards, and a winning hand doesn’t take low cards into it, unlike traditional War. The “1 beats a 5” rule and the “make low cards win” cards serve to allow a gradually tuned hand to eventually lose anyway.

Each player needs to have their own Ditto deck; the first costs $10, and each additional one costs $5.