Normally I would save this for a pimping roundup, but it’s priceless.

The staff writers for the Fort Worth Star Telegram reviewed seven “new” games, and here’s what they came up with:

  • Loopit: Grade A. “Loopit is like Scrabble, only for people who don’t want to fight with their relatives over a word choice.”
  • Clue: the Office: Grade A. “The weapons are all inside jokes for those who watch the show and kept us laughing.”
  • WordQuest: Grade B. “Attractive, easy to learn and play.”
  • Pandemic: Grade C. “Pandemic is too complicated. Just setting up the board took half an hour the first time, thanks to multiple sets of cards, cubes, tokens and pawns.”
  • Pop the Pig: Grade D. “A few minutes of entertainment for smaller children.”
  • Incan Gold: Grade F. “Our 16-year-old was writhing on the floor with frustration because after 25 minutes, we still couldn’t figure out how to start the game and play the first round.”
  • Ticket to Ride: Grade F. “Unnecessarily complicated. There are no dice or “action” modes.”

Thanks for the insight, staff writers!