Similar to my post about Thanksgiving gaming, I’m trying to get you, the readers, to post some comments.

Hanukkah has already started, Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanza are right around the corner. Anyone playing any games during the holiday season?

I’m planning on playing with the family on the Solstice. Possibly just Uno, Dominoes, and possibly some Carcassonne. As for Christmas, we’re buying the kids a bunch of new games that we can play as a family. SORRY! Sliders, Gulo Gulo, Kids of Carcassonne, some Bakugan, A Toy Story version of Yahtzee, and Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition are all going under the tree, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be play most, if not all, of those.

Leave a comment below with what you’re playing.