Hasbro’s onyx edition games are like a poor man’s luxury item. They have a black wooden or plastic board and hefty components and sell for around $50. In contrast, true luxury editions are made from materials such as soft baby calf leather or alligator skin, gold, platinum, and gemstones, and sell for $2,500 or more.

  • Scrabble Onyx Edition: The onyx board is made of black plastic with silver detailing. The letter tiles are also plastic, with the letters painted on. Several versions of Deluxe Scrabble Edition look like better choices. But it’s only $30.
  • Stratego Onyx Edition: Black wood frame with silver foil. Plastic red and blue pieces with silver paint. It’s $120 on Amazon, but only $50 at Barnes and Noble (who calls it a B&N exclusive).
  • Monopoly Onyx Edition: Wooden base with silver accents, and paper track glued onto it. Black and silver dice. $50.
  • Risk Onyx Edition: Looks like a black wood frame, with wooden cube pieces. $60 on Barnes and Noble only.
  • Jenga Onyx Edition: Black and silver wooden blocks, with a silver-toned stacking pedestal. $30 on Barnes and Noble only.