Portfolios is an investment simulation game (i.e. a stock market simulation) that is presented at workshops by the investment advice company Crew Capital, whose president is Robert Jung.

According to the bizarrely titled source (“He invented an investing board game that involves the player”), the game was designed by Stuart Crickmer, president of Omniology LLC. [1]

The game was featured in Accounting for Kids Day, as well as other financial management programs for young investors. The game is not for sale, but you can see the junior version of the game online [PDF].

[1] Omniology means, as near as I can make out, “the study of everything”, but the word has been co-opted to refer to pushing the study of Creationist theory. I have no idea if Crickmer’s company is related to this movement; it doesn’t appear to be, though he hails from Cincinnati, coincidentally the site of the US Creationist museum. Omniology LLC appears to be simply another investment advice company.