The Toy and Gift Emporium in Bungay, Suffolk, UK is the only store that stocks games from the Bungay Games Factory (no web presence), and those are the only games that they stock. Here they are:

  • Bungayopoly
  • The Fisher Theater Game: Celebrating the Fisher Theater, this is a roll and move game where you pick a card and perform whatever the card says. The other players then vote on whether you were good or not, which determines whether or not you win.
  • The Black Dog Game: Celebrating the return of the black dog to the top of the lamp in Market Square, this is a roll and move game with no decisions or skills. The rules helpfully instruct you to select which color black dog you want to start the game.
  • The Chicken Roundabout Game: Previously known as Us Chickens (2000), and celebrating Bungay’s “Chicken Roundabout” (free range chickens tend to cross the road at that point; nobody know why), this is a roll and move game which plays something like Pachisi, but you have to collect feed and tickets before moving off the board.
  • The Southwold Pier Game: Celebrating the Southwold Pier, this is a roll and move game with no decisions or skills.
  • The Southwold Railway Game: Celebrating the Southwold Railway, this is a roll and move game. You have to decide when to play your white token to avoid losing a turn (I don’t know if that qualifies as a decision).
  • The Teddy Bears Picnic Game: This is a roll and move game of object collection with no decisions or skills.
  • XWords: A Crosswords Square variant. Roll the dice, and each player must place the letter that was landed upon onto their board. After the vowels or consonants run out, players score for completed words either horizontally or vertically.
  • The Garden Game: A roll and move game with a small twist. You randomly collect water, fertilizer, vegetable seed, and flower seed tokens during the game. You can choose to plant seeds or discard them. Applying a water and fertilizer token to a seed token swaps it for a respective vegetable or flower token. The game ends when someone has 18 grown items, but the winner is the one with the most points: flowers are worth 2 each, and vegetables are worth 1 each. Other tokens, including planted seeds, are not worth anything. So you need to guess whether to pass up or plant vegetable seeds.