thingsThe Game of Things, aka Things, is a party game from Mark Sherry, Ted Quinn, and Tom Quinn. Originally self-published, the game was picked up by Hasbro after they had sold 125,000 copies.

How to play:

  • The reader reads a topic card.
  • The players all write something that matches the topic.
  • The reader reads all of the responses twice.
  • The player on reader’s left tries to guess who wrote which ones, and keeps guessing as long as he or she is correct. Otherwise, play passes to the next player still active this round. Any player whose response was guessed this round becomes inactive.
  • 1 point for each correct guess, 6 points for the player left at the end.
  • Each person get a chance to be reader.

A BGG suggestion is that the player with the most points always becomes the reader for the next round, which sounds like a Good Idea.