Ipswich, Australia: After drinking too much and getting into an argument at a dice game, a man drives his car and flips over into someone’s yard. (source)

San Nicolas, Philippines: Man shot and killed by his opponent at a card game. (source)

Norwalk, CT: One man slashes the throat of another at a card game over who gets to drink the last Heineken. (source) (Heineken: This would make a good ad campaign.)

Detroit, MI: Someone kills one and wounds others with a shotgun at a dancing and board games sweet sixteen party. (source) Step forward if you have any information.

Not criminal: Bradford, UK: Man dies of a heart attack on his way home from a Dominoes game. (source)

Champaign, IL: Twenty people cited for illegal card game gambling. (source)

Fort Wayne, IN: One man shoots another to death at a card game. (source)

Singapore: Woman burns herself to death over $4,500 mahjong gambling debts to loan sharks. (source)

Belle Glade, FL: 18 year old man shot and killed at a dice game. (source)