Whimacles are a set of cards by Sandra Fields. Cards consist of generic places, events, occurrences, emotions, and so on. You lay out five cards, and tell a personal story that involves the cards.

There are two ways they could have gone with this. They could simply have called the cards a useful psychological or counselor aid in getting people to talk about their lives, fears, plans, and so on. And they do suggest something like this in the copy.

Or …

Shuffle the cards for about 5 minutes or longer after you open the deck. This initial procedure will make the cards vibrate with your own intuition. When others use your cards, ask them to shuffle the deck a few times as well. Fortune telling will be most effective this way. And Story telling will be more effective as different cards will come up. When you want the cards to answer a question, make sure you concentrate on the question while shuffling the cards. Sometimes the answers that are given have nothing to do with your question. Take note- there might be another issue more important for you to know about than the one you asked!

The cards are cut after you have shuffled the cards. 1) Cut the cards with your LEFT HAND, if you are telling your own fortune, or story. 2) Cut the cards with your RIGHT HAND when telling a fortune or story about someone else who is or isn’t in the room. 3) If you are telling the fortune or story for someone else who IS IN THE ROOM, have them shuffle and cut the cards with their LEFT HAND. The cards are put down FACE SIDE UP, starting from the RIGHT TO THE LEFT side.