X610Z. Existence. Get it?

This is a new CCG from Dutch company Quantuum Magic BV, and most of the information about the game is in Dutch. Here’s what I can find on BGG:

This is a trading card board game that can be played by two to six players. The game board gives an extra strategical dimension to this trading card game.

Some unknown object crashed in the center of the new earth and the player has to escape with his Live Base to a save place. The Live Base can be supported by different creatures like dragons and other beasts. The Life Base and the creatures can be moved across the board. All effects, power-ups and the summoning of beasts are managed using the cards.

You can win by escaping with your Live Base or by destroying all other players Live Bases or you win when all other players run out of cards in their deck.

And from the site:

X610Z® is a Trading Card Game with a gameboard, that can be played by 2-6 players: Single Player, Multi Player en Team Player.

ACT I: The New Era is the beginning of a breathtaking fantasy adventure. Every 5-6 months we will introduce a new Edition (ACT), with a new gameboard. ACT II will be available april 2010, with lots of new features and amazing strategies. We are interested in your ideas about X610Z®. Are you an artist with amazing work? Show it to us. Are you 100% brainpure with brilliant ideas for new cards? Share your ideas and give us your input with the Card Creator .
Are you in for a new adventure? Register today and join this amazing fantasy world…