The Ragnar Brothers produced Backpacks and Blisters in 1993, a hand management board game of visiting different cities. An expansion was released the following year.

Sggc Doofer Designs made the board game Can You Make It As a Backpacker?, designed by Marcus Lane and available in the UK. The game was released in 2004, and costs 20 GBP.

Also released in 2004 was the card game Backpacker from sggc Wild Card Games. It is, at least, more portable, being a card game.

Also in 2004 was Hunting, Fishing, Camping Trivia from Mountainmen Enterprises, who make a few other similar trivia games about the outdoors.

Two years later we got Backpacker, from Edgemont Entertainment, a trivia board game based on a PC game.

In 2008, we got Backpackers the Game, from sggc Homegrown Games, Ltd, another trivia game.