Birkball is a bar game that crosses billiards, pinball, foosball, and the gravity contraption located at the entrance to the Ontario Science Center.

There are two target red balls and sixteen steel balls which you roll down adjustable chutes, trying to knock the target balls against the opponent’s back wall. Play is simultaneous and chaotic. You have to call out when your opponent scores, because with 18 balls clattering around on a slick surface, there is no way he or she will be paying attention at the time.

John Birk, the designer, wrote the site copy and the promo video (below), which is so thorough and bullet-pointed that it is unintentionally hilarious. Advantages of the game over Air Hockey and Pinball include notes about lower power bills and thus reduced energy pollution. Another page details the correct way that you should have fun while playing the game, and why – point after point – the game is more fun than other bar games.

Here is the promo video with John’s voice-over.

Families can get the game in the US for $250, shipped.