The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette pimps board games as an educational tool for kids, including Candy Land (!), Chutes and Ladders, and UNO. (source)

The Binghamton Sun-Bulletin pimps a convenience store that also hosts tournaments for the US Chess Federation. (source)

Micki Bare in the Arkansas News pimps playing Rummy throughout the entire length of your marriage. (source)

The Toronto Sun pimps the company Spin Master. (source)

Durham UK police are pimping playing board game for kids to get the off the streets, in a program called Board Games for Bored Kids. Games include Chess, Draughts, Frustration, and Connect Four. (source)

Culture roundup:

The Greely Tribune pimps the musical Clue. (source) The murder items are chosen secretly and randomly before each performance, and even the actors don’t know what they are.

The Herald Tribune pimps the play Hearts. (source) The play uses the card game as a metaphor.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Public Theatre will be showing the play Cramped, a story of two women coming of age within the confines of a board game (as board game pieces).