Ina Fried of CNET’s Beyond Binary blog won TechFlash’s Settlers of Catan tournament. He pimps. (also)

We already knew that Beyonce loves board and card games, but apparently she plays anonymously online. (source)

Becca Owsley of the News Enterprise uses Apples to Apples to uncover how little her generation knows about modern culture. (source)

Ken Karrson of the Northwest Indiana Times waxes nostalgic about electronic sports board games. (source) And supposes that modern video sports games will not be similarly nostalgic.

The Indiana Daily Student profiles how assistant professor Lee Sheldon uses board games in education. (source)

Cornell University’s ILR school radio WHYY pimps Joel Harden and his game Mogul. (source)

Sunday’s Pearl Before Swines shows the right way to play Chutes and Ladders.