While the Corus Chess tournament is grinding away (we didn’t forget about it, we’re just waiting for the results), here are some Chess tidbits to while away the time:

Susan Polgar and Paul Truong have apparently buried the hatchet with the US Chess Federation. The argument had cost the Fed $750 thousand in legal fees, out of an annual budget of $3 million. In the end, they both took money from the insurance company. (source) The matter is not entirely over: Polgar and Truong still have to settle differences with former Fed member Samuel Sloan.

Gary Kasparov waxes on about his matches against computer Chess opponents, how computer Chess is still unlike human Chess, and the effect of computer Chess on all of us. (source)

Eight Bruneian Chess players are planning to play the game up on Mount Everest. (source)

The French movie Joueuse, released last August, is about the longing of a housemaid to play Chess, as well as for other things. (source)