The Journal Gazette is running an article by Mari-Jane Williams of the Washington Post about how board games make learning fun!

Williams goes on to say how games like CandylandMonopolyUno, and Trouble all aid in early child development.  She goes on to write about how several studies prove this.

While I totally agree that any board gaming with a child will help with education and development, it’s still sad to see the same old tired-and-true games being written about.  While the article briefly mentions Apples to Apples, there’s still PLENTY of other games out there better suited to the task than the others listed in the article.

The one quote that really got me in the article comes from Marilyn Fleetwood, a Montesourri school president:

“Parents get upset when they see that their children are playing (in school)”

Really? I guess I must be in the minority. I’d be more than happy seeing my child playing a board game in school. Even more happy than knowing they’re plopping them in front a computer, unsupervised, during the day.

Anyway.  Games are  fun learning?  Seems pretty common sense to me.