The Ohio News Leader pimps Guesstimation, Word on the Street, Ruin, Jishaku, CirKis, Scabs `N Guts, Guesstures, Now What, Shut the Box, Apples to Apples, DaVinci Challenge, Quiddler, and SET. (source)

Hawaii Business pimps Cashflow. (source)

The Colorodoan pimps The Haunted Game Cafe. (source)

The Reno News and Review pimps Magic: the Gathering and Warhammer. (source)

The Baptist Standard pimps religious games, including BuddhaWheel, Missionary Conquest, and Hajj Fun Game. (source)

The North Michigan Record Eagle pimps game store Mayhem Games, and games Wings of War and Warhammer. (source)