Ooh, I know three of the inventors in this month’s list.

Board Game – A design patent for a game called DiagnolTHiS.

Toy play set – Assigned to Carterbench. Some kind of contraption that stores cards and make it easier to play with them in a car. Even with the pictures, I couldn’t quite grasp it.

Multiplayer trivia game – This is for the idea behind the game Wits And Wagers from NorthStar Games. Go Dominic.

Multi-level board game – This contraption:

The assignee goes on to explain how all previous 3D board games were complicated and unplayable, while this one is much simpler. And then goes on to describe a game far more complicated than 3D Tic Tac Toe.

Baseball simulation game – A battery operated baseball game.

Domino like card and board game – “There is certainly a need for a game that incorporates some of the more appealing characteristics of the popular games of dominos and checkers.” The game Geominoes by Tod Teeple. I played this at BGG.con a few years ago.

Method and apparatus for a trick-taking card game – Part of the problem: “Most card games, particularly trick-taking games, lack the possibility for significant catastrophic events to occur during game play.” I didn’t realize that this was a problem, but apparently it is when two people of different skills play against each other. It’s just not fair that a person with more skill has a better chance of winning a game.

OK, I’m poking fun. Actually, the assignees wanted to create an introductory trick-taking game for children that includes random events to give kids a chance. Not a bad goal, really.

The game consists of two decks of playing cards. The first deck contains character cards with several variables (not just suit and rank). The second deck is modifier cards. Players get new modifier cards each trick, and they can play them together with their characters cards to change either their own card value or the values of all other players’ cards during the trick. The whole thing has some kind of kid-friendly theme.

I’m pretty sure the inventors are a pair of scientists from Ontario; bird researchers, in fact.

Method for adding qualifier to casino games – A boring casino card game patent, with hand split, reverse bets, and push bets. Ho hum.

Casino poker table game with choice of stud hands – A communal poker game, where, after the first few cards are revealed, you can choose to play 5, 6, or card stud, with different payouts for each.

Board game – Awarded to Paul Dowding for the game Foil Strategy.