Yehuda’s post a while back on Battle Strikers has me reminiscing about a game from my youth. That game was Spinjas, and for a while it was one of the coolest things going.

Spinjas came in a case that double as the arena. Inside the arena was two launchers, and two tiny, yet heavy, Spinjas. There were many different types of Spinjas, each one represented as a different character.

You’d play by screwing the Spinjas into the launcher, twisting the grey tube until it didn’t go any farther, then hitting the release to send your character spinning wildly into the arena. Whoever got knocked out of the arena, or stopped spinning first, lost.

There was even a larger arena you could buy that would fit more than 2 Spinjas at a time.

You can find more out about the game over at Geekdo. As far as I know, they’re pretty hard to get a hold of now a days, and are expensive if you can find them.