TRACS is a set of customized cards from Kevin Burns. The backs of the cards show either circle, square, or triangle. The faces are either blue or red. The proportion triangle to circle to square in red is 3:2:1, while in blue it is 3:2:1 for square to circle to triangle (the reverse).

The “games” that are meant to be played with the deck are odds-calculation games: given a face up card (color), which of the two face down cards (shape) are most likely to match the color. Other games are little more complicated, but that’s the idea.

The point? TRACS stands for Tools for Research on Adaptive Cognitive Studies, and the cards are being used in various research labs to test how people, and AI, understand and calculate risk.

Click here to listen to the theme song. Yes, that’s right. The theme song. And there’s a comic strip, with blue and red characters who speak in Haiku.