Starting the year off with a bang bang bang …

Two players for the Washington Wizards basketball team allegedly pull guns on each other as a result of a dispute over a card game the day before (the players claim they were just exhibiting their guns to each other). (source)

Panama City, FL: Police deputy is suspended for three days for attending an illegal dice game. (source)

Tuscaloosa, AL: 16 year old pulls gun and starts shooting at a dice game (1 wounded). (source)

Cleveland, OH: A guy asks his daughter a question at a card game, doesn’t like her answer, and so puts her in the dryer and turns it on.  (source)

Greensburg, IN: A son shoots his father to death at a card game. (source)

New Orleans, LA: A 20 year old man was shot and wounded at a dice game. (source)

Bridgeport, CT: One man gashes another across the stomach with a plastic shovel in a dispute over a Chess game. (source)

Haddington, Scotland: On Christmas Eve, three bags of board games and toiletries were stolen from a house. (source)