Patch Products is also showing several new word and party games.

Stir ’em Up is a light and chaotic word-forming game. Letter tiles are two-sided and a die roll might mean having to flip one over or switch with another player. Then from the seven letters, players form multiple words in crossword fashion, keeping whatever’s left over for the next turn. The one who’s used the most tiles at the end of the game is the winner.

Also, the game comes in a nice resealable plastic bowl for storage. Kind of like built-in gamer bagging.

5 Second Rule is not about eating food off the floor, though I could imagine little boys finding that really cool. Instead it’s a party-style quiz game with 5 second time limits. Hey, that’s all the time I ever need to know I’m stumped by trivia questions.

Also, the timer involves swirling ball-bearings. Different, but still doesn’t help me with the answers.

Word Shout is perfect if Stir ’em Up isn’t noisy enough for you. No, that’s not fair. The game involves rolling 10 dice and everyone shouting out as many words as they can find among the letters rolled. Simple, portable, inexpensive.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader is a revised version of Patch’s earlier game by the same name. This one is based on the syndicated television show and includes several changes to game play, though it’s still a trivia game with questions in graduated levels of difficulty (1st through 5th grade).