Fantasy Flight Games has announced the last of their three winter game announcements: Battles of Westeros. This two player wargame is based on the immensely popular Song of Fire and Ice universe from George R. R. Martin (who’s setting is no stranger to FFG games). Rather than use a new rules set, BoW uses the beloved Battlelore rules. This strikes me as an interesting decision that makes the game immediately accessible thanks to the widely used Commands & Colors system, but may disppoint Battlelore fans who were hoping for a new big box expansion rather than a brand new game. Battles of Westeroa is set to release this November and Martin himself will be on hand at FFG’s new event center to play the game with fans at launch.

[Major Hat Tip to The Hopeless Gamer]

Edited: Corrected source name.

Update: FFG has posted their official press release.