mystery-boxes_front_big.jpgWay back at GenCon 2009, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) taunted gamers with the news that there would be three major releases in the winter season – two big box games and one mid-sized. Over the ensuing months, we’ve seen two of these titles – the epic Rune Wars that’s been the subject of much discussion over at BoardGameGeek (mostly good, but there are always detractors) and the soon-to-be-released Horus Heresy, a remaking of the classic Games Workshop wargame. But what of the third? According to this note from FFG, we should find out on February 20th – coinciding with the grand opening of their new Event Center, FFG will be providing a sneak peek at their new game. We don’t have any indication as to what the game will be, but the rumor mill seems to think it’ll be some type of miniature game (I for one ain’t buying it – I think we’ll see another standard board game, probably introducing a new IP or even the long-awaited re-imagining of the classic Dune board game).