crokinole.jpgThere are some really nice crokinole boards out there. I mean really nice (I simply stand in awe of some of the work of the renowned Hilinski brothers). The problem is that these boards are just plain expensive, ranging from $200-$800 US (you can sometimes find boards for $40, but these are typically fairly cheap and uneven. Fear not, Mayday Games, maker of numerous boardgame enhancements (like the every popular animeeples), has announced the release of mass produced Crokinole boards for $100 (if you preorder and you happen to live in the lower 48 states of the US – $130 otherwise). This shockingly good price includes discs and score trackers, essentially everything you need to play crokinole. Obviously, there’s been a lot of questioning of the possible quality of these boards, but Mayday has been very open in answering questions. Could be a great deal for those who don’t already have a board and can’t afford the premium price!