Game board – A design patent for a game board from Alcan Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Inc. Sheesh, leave it to a pharmaceutical company to think it needs to patent a game board.

Game of chance and system and method for playing games of chance – Talks about making Bingo to be more like Keno, with multiple winners and different levels of playing, but sounds more like an alternative method of drawing a lottery sweepstakes. By GameLogic.

Method and apparatus for conducting a game of chance – Also by GameLogic, and also about lotteries. Buy a ticket and see if you’ve won online.

21 to the river – By Hands Down Gaming. Casinos and players are resistant to new games, so they offer a game of Blackjack, where your bust card is then used in a game of poker.

Method of conducting a wagering game – A continuation of an abandoned 2003 patent. The patent lists lots of problems with Texas Hold’em (too hard for dealers to recognize the winning hands, too many betting opportunities, etc.) and proposes Texas Hold’em with one less card.

Closable-type game board box for strategic word pattern engagement – The game “Word Battle” by Milner Benedict. It’s a Battleship like word game, of which he cites precedences, but his game is for multiple players.

Game and the method of playing the game – A game called Urban Excursion, by Russell B. Williams. More information here.

Love the vague and uninformed description of prior art:

Various games which relate to learning experiences particularly associated with travel and adapted for educational purposes are well known. By having participants engage in the playing of such games, information regarding a specific geographical area, the particular sights or points of interest located therein, culture and the like can be taught in a pleasureful, interactive and entertaining manner. The prior art known to Applicant in this area includes a game wherein players move along alternate routes and using alternate modes of transportation between cities within the continental United States, a game which simulates the flow of traffic through a community, a game which simulates the movements of trucks across the United States, a game which teaches the players about the world’s geography or geography of a specific region of the world, and the like. Typically such games involve a board game apparatus wherein players move along routes defined on the board and are required to avoid hazards, obey traffic signs and rules, are required to learn about a specific location and then answer questions about the location and the like.

None of the prior art known to Applicant provides a game which may be interactively engaged in by a plurality of players directly within a pre-selected geographic area such as a metropolitan area, by utilizing a board which is representative of a predetermined area, or by utilization of computer-generated graphics as may be desired.

Religious game – This game:

Poker game with dealer disqualifying hand – Dealer gets two hands, and discards the first if it exceeds a specific value.

Hard pass craps wager – A Craps variant, where you win if you roll the same doubles twice before rolling a seven.

Object, image data, image data transmission method, card, game mat, card game system, image analysis device, and image analysis method – By Sony. Looks like Eye of Judgment, and specifies reading 2D codes embedded on cards when placed onto a grid.

Set of seven chess pieces – A design patent:

Method of playing a pursuit board game – A roll-and-move game. Assignee wants to include strategy in the game, rather than produce a game simply relying on luck. So a) the object of player two is to land on player 1 before player 1 reaches the end of the race, and b) each player can decide whether to move forward or backward on each move.

Die-rolling device and game – By Mattel. A continuance of a 2005 patent, which was a continuance of a 2002 patent. A board game with a magic 8-ball device.

Card game with fixed rules – A poker game where the first “decisions” are dictated by rules. In other cases, the player may be given a specific set of advice. It appears to be some kind of simplified version of poker for new players.

Numeric guessing game – A game by Bernard Seal, citing Wits & Wagers, Fast Figure, and Intensity as prior art. The questions are like Wits & Wagers, and players have to have the closest guess.

Method of playing a poker-type bonus – A side poker game triggered by certain events in a Texas Hold’em game.

Travel game – By Mattel. Travel games, such as Othello, in a thermos-shaped mug.

Casino-type wagering game based on card color – Essentially, using cards as roulette.