Martial Power 2 comes out this Tuesday with 160 pages of new powers for the Fighter, Rogue, Ranger and the Warlord, paragon paths (Harrowing Swarm Archers) and epic destinies (Legendary Sovereign). Among the new builds of interest is the Brawler which allows the player to create a fighter that uses his fist along with his weapon and the ranged weapon based Skirmishing Warlord.

Apart from the usual range of new feats, the book also introduces Combat Styles which are feats that provide additional skill bonuses when using certain weapons and allowing associated powers to be used as basic attacks.

A new mechanic that you will find in the book is the Martial Practices which are the martial classes answers to rituals with most of them requiring healing surges rather than material components.

As for those playing with divine classes, the Divine Power cards (Avengers, Clerics, Invokers and Paladins) also releases on Tuesday retailing at $9.99.