battles-of-napoleon-box-left.pngThis comes to us from the “say what???” department: Fantasy Flight Games has formally announced Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion, the first in a series of games covering the various wars of Napoleon. This first title is lavishly produced with four boards, 200 plastic miniatures, 120 cards and a metric ton of counters for the standard going price of $100 US (standard going rate for FFG big box games at any rate). “So what,” I hear you ask, “there are tons of great Napoleonic games!” While Napoleonic games are becoming more popular (with GMT’s new Command & Colors: Napoleonics holding my complete and undivided attention), this is the first time since the old Avalon Hill days that a major game publisher has paid this much attention to this beloved era for wargaming (and is easily the most attractive presentation I’ve ever seen for this type of game). What’s more, this is a real stretch for FFG, a company that hasn’t really taken any significant strides into older-style wargames (Tide of Iron is close, but it really doesn’t compare to the depth and complexity of this title – the rules have already been published at the Nexus Games site) – and make no mistake, this is a real wargame, not a typical boardgame with some mechanics for conflict. Battles of Napoleon will be released sometime towards the end of February/beginning of March.