deathwatch-book-open.png‘k…just when I think I’m going to have to see about having my “FFG Forever” tattoo removed, Fantasy Flight Games goes and makes me love them all over again with the announcement of Deathwatch. This newest RPG in FFG’s line allows players to take on the role of one of the elite members of the Deathwatch, the best of the best out of all of the Space Marine chapters, assembled whenever the Imperium of man needs to put the hurt on some xenos scum. What makes this more than a simple “kill the monster” RPG is the fact that the each member of a Deathwatch killteam comes from a different Space Marine chapter, with different practices and approaches to worship of the Emperor. FFG’s press release has a ton of great information and has me unbelievably jazzed for this title – let’s face it folks, this is the 40K RPG we were all looking for and it looks like FFG is set to deliver. The Deathwatch core rulebook will release sometime this summer and retail for $60 US.