Voltron_Box_R_0.jpgPrivateer Press has finally released details of how Voltron will be released as part of their Monsterpocalypse line (you did remember they were doing that, right?)! The game will be released as a standalone boxed set, including:

The game, which has an MSRP of $49.99, will contain 22 pre-painted plastic figures, including Voltron, 5 Voltron Lions, 5 Galaxy Garrison Cruisers, Lo-Tron, 1 Prince Lotor’s Command Ship, 4 Robeasts, and 5 Lo-Tron Force Skull Ships. The game will also include 1 double-sided play mat, 24 specialty dice, 4 status counters, and a full-color rulebook.

Which seems very cool…though I seem to remember the Voltron ships being much bigger than Voltron itself… Now if I could just get Robotech done with the same treatment…. The Voltron boxed set will release this July and will be fully compatible with the existing Monsterpocalypse rules.